Cockburn is one of the major Coastal Cities found in the state of Western Australia. Situated just 22km south of Perth, the State's Capital City, and 8km south of Fremantle, once the home of the "America's Cup" in the 1980's.

This coastal City is renowned for its historical and tourism features along with its agriculture and ship building industries.
Cockburn boasts some of Western Australia's best inland lakes, major tourism attractions, and leisure activities.

Electric sunsets cover Cockburn's skies over clean, inviting beaches and picturesque inland lakes, add to the warm cosmopolitan feel of Western Australia's Fun Coast.The Leeuwin sails past Coogee Beach

One of the City's most unique features is a chain of five lakes running north to south through the heart of the City. Sixteen Aboriginal campsites have been identified throughout Cockburn, most of them on the fringes of two of the larger lakes, North Lake and Bibra Lake.

Cockburn's population is just over 91,000 people(2011) and is expected to reach 100,000 by the year 2015.

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Bibra lake wetlandsCockburn is very much a growing City, with a diverse mix of residential, retail, commercial, industrial and rural areas. With more than 35,000 dwellings (2011) and over 6,400 registered businesses (2009), it has the planned capacity to grow to 130,000 people by 2031 supported by a rich mix of centres, communities facilities and diverse employment opportunities.